The Kult Of The Pneumatic Killrod (and a collection of Ribs) View larger

The Kult Of The Pneumatic Killrod (and a collection of Ribs)

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'The Kult of The Pneumatic Killrod' is the brand new 5th studio album by Sweden's old school death metal band RIBSPREADER. To celebrate RIBSPREADER's 10 year Anniversary the album comes as a double CD with a massive amount of bonus tracks. 

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DISK I contains the brand new album 'The Kult Of The Penumatic Killrod', plus the two (on vinyl released ) E.P.'s 'Vicar Mortis' (2006) and 'The Monolith' (2007) and the never released mini album 'Serenity in Obscenity' (recorded in 2005), which makes DISK I containing 22 tracks!

DISK II contains the legendary RIBSPREADER debut album 'Bolted To The Cross' and the second album 'Congerating The Sick'. Both featuring Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Nightengale) on drums (debut only) and lead guitar and both albums are remastered by Rogga Johansson. The booklet contains massive liner notes form Rogga Johansson about the histrory of RIBSPREADER and the story behind all releases on this double album. Coverart and booklet by Spanish artist Juanjo Castellano (Vomitory, Nominon, Weapons To Hunt, Incantation).